10 Remembrance Gifts to Honor Your Loved One

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There’s a saying that time doesn’t heal certain wounds––you just learn how to live with them. For many people, death is one of those wounds. In my thirty something years of living, I’ve experienced many losses, and each has affected me in different ways. The common denominator with all loses is the sting it leaves behind. However, you’re also left with pleasant memories that make thoughts of the deceased feel like the sun against your neck on a cold winter’s day.  

Whether it’s been one year or twenty, you’ll never forget the exact time and day they passed. As their memorial date approaches, you may experience feelings of dread, sadness, and even depression. While you should allow yourself to feel grief, remember you’re also allowed to feel joy. So, how can you honor your loved one when their memorial comes around? Here are a few thoughtful remembrance gifts you can buy. 

1. Locket 

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If you're a jewelry person, a locket is a beautiful way to keep a sacred piece of your loved one with you. Dig up one of your favorite memories of them and put it on the inside of the locket. It's a way to keep them close to your heart and keep their presence near. 

2. In Memory of Canvas Poem 

An extremely thoughtful way to honor someone who has passed is to get them a custom written poem and have it printed on a canvas. While death is painful, having fond memories to hold on to can make it easier to accept. Love on a Canvas can write an intimate poem based on the memories you hope to keep alive. We can also add an image of your choice if you have a favorite picture of your loved one. Whether you hang it in the living room or put it by your bedside, it's a sweet remembrance gift to consider. 

3. Engraved Memorial Garden Stone 

Some people visit the graveyard often to see their loved one if they were burried. If you're one of those people, maybe consider getting an engraved memorial garden stone that you can place right at home. It's a thoughtful remembrance gift and you can have any message you want engraved on the stone.

4. Start a Foundation 

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A foundation or charity is a heartfelt way to honor a loved one that's no more here. If they were charitable or passionate about certain causes, why not set up something small in their name? If that seems like too great of a task, an alternative is to set up a standing order/donation for an initiative they loved. It's a way of keeping their legacy and memory alive. 

5. Memorial Garden 

remembrance gift garden

There will be days where the loss of your loved one feels unbearable. On such days, being able to get fresh air and sit with your thoughts in a garden dedicated to them could help. Look up the meanings of plants and flowers and choose ones that most remind you of the person you lost. For instance, the Gardenia and Azalea represent purity or quiet reverence.

Planting them is a way of keeping their memory alive and reminding yourself there's life after death. If you don't want to create a garden, consider getting a single plant, flower, or tree instead. 

6. Photo Album 

Laura Furlham Photo album remembrance gifts

Images are a warm way of remembering a loved one, so if you have enough images, create a photo album. It could comprise childhood photos of them, some pictures you have together and anything else that evokes pleasant memories. 

7. Painting 

Art can be a great way to express your feelings. Whether it's something you put together or get a professional artist to do, it's a way of honoring your loved one. You can also be creative and commission an abstract image if you don't want to do a portrait. Not only is a warm remembrance gift for your loved one, but it can be a comforting one for you too. 

8. Quilt 

A quilt is something most people used to sleep at night. Consider personalizing one with a special image and message. This way, you're reminded of your deceased loved one before you sleep and when you wake up. 

9. Video

This is the technology age, which means you have access to smart phones and video apps. Consider putting together a short memorial video with some of your most precious memories. It's a remembrance gift you can share with others and watch whenever you miss them.  

10. Wind Chime 

Wind chimes aren't only good for playing sweet melodies in the wind. They can be a remembrance gift that includes short sweet messages. Write a few lines for your loved one and place them on a personalized chime. 

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