Practicing Self Care? Here Are 5 Gifts You need ASAP


If you’re one of the many kind hearts we’re lucky to have in this world, you probably give more than you should. When you’re a giver, your priority tends to be making sure everyone around you is happy.

If there’s time, you stop to actually think about what you need. Despite what we’ve been taught, that isn’t always the best way to live. It’s like dropping off friends and family on an almost empty tank and ending up stranded as a result. If you’ve started practicing self-care, then you probably know this already. 

It’s so important that you begin filling yourself up before you try and pour into everyone else. That means showing yourself love more often. Everyone has a different idea of self-care, and that’s fine. My idea of self-care is lighting sweet scented candles, drinking red wine and listening to soulful music. For someone else, it may be a pamper day at the salon. And guess what? Both are valid.

To help you on your self care journey, here are a few self-care gifts you DESERVE. 


Practicing self care food

Are you a busy mom or busy woman? If so, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is more time. Knowing you have one less thing to do for the day can be a great relief. Think about one task that brings the most displeasure or stress and see how you can outsource or delegate it. I personally hate grocery shopping so would love someone to buy and unpack all mine for me. If that’s also a pain point for you, consider paying for a monthly grocery delivery subscription. It’s a way of practicing self care as the time spent grocery shopping can be used to watch a movie or better still, sleep. 

There are tons of other subscriptions boxes, be it meal deliveries, laundry services, house cleaning, snacks, clothing, and everything else under the sun. If you don’t want an ongoing subscription because of the cost then order the service once a month or however often you can afford. 

A Kind Note 

practicing self care affirmation canvas

If you aren’t used to practicing self-care, talking to yourself kindly can be an awkward and weird affair. However, when you do self-care the right way, you begin getting accustomed to admonishing yourself with kind words. A good example of how you could do this would be to buy yourself a thank you card. Write things that you admire about yourself and express gratitude for how you’ve been badass lately. 

Another great idea would be to get affirmations printed on a personalized canvas. Not only would it make a great addition to your space but it’s a daily reminder of just how incredible you are. Another alternative is leaving post-it notes with kind words around the house. 

Home Spa Day 

practicing self care spa day

No matter who you are or what you like, pampering is a must, It’s just as important as your checkup with the doctor. You may not have the extra money to go to a physical spa. Maybe you simply don’t have the time. And that’s why a home spa day is perfect. 

If you’re a DIY queen, create a spa at home and set the ambiance yourself. You can have different stations for each part of your pampering session. A few essentials you’ll need are:  

  • Pedicure and manicure 
  • Massage 
  • Bubble bath/shower 
  • An epic nap 
  • Clay mask 
  • Robe 

Some other items you are going to need include candles, body scrubs, a pedicure set, and essential oils. You may also want to consider an acupressure mat, which can be great for relieving tension. I tried one by Shakti the other day alongside a meditation and it really helped me release tension and feel relaxed.

If you don’t like DIY and want someone else to do all the work, order a mobile home service. There are professionals who can come and do your manicure and pedicure as well as give you a well needed massage. 

Wardrobe Revamp 

practicing self care wardrobe

Whether you’re a glam queen or a sweats and t-shirt kinda chick, you deserve a wardrobe revamp. Looking and feeling good is part of practicing self care too. The other day, I realized I'm always looking rough around the house, so decided to throw away all of my worn and faded house clothes and replace them with cute and sexy dresses. The goal was to feel attractive and beautiful, even when I'm around the house. 

Nobody is saying you have to become the new face of Prada, but treat yourself to a few new items that make you feel good. Before doing that, clearing out your wardrobe can be therapeutic. Get rid of the junk that you no longer need. How?  you ask. Well, look at each item and go with your first response. Does it bring you joy as soon as you pick it up? Does it have positive memories attached to it? Are you on the fence about whether you need it or not? Is your inner hoarder putting up a good fight? 

After getting rid of all the non-essentials you can do some intentional shopping on a budget, of course. Buy things that make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, because you are. 

Hobby Day 

Hobbies are so essential. They help you reconnect with yourself and explore your creative side too. Research also shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low moods, and depression. 

Practicing self care means putting your needs first, so hobbies make the cut. I enjoy painting and sipping wine and I create time for it periodically. So, sometimes I gift myself new items to support this hobby, be it new paint colors or paint brushes. Think about little or big gifts that would support your hobby and make you more excited about doing it and buy them. If you like hiking buy yourself new hiking boots and if music is your thing, upgrade your headphones or get an instrument. Go as hard about making yourself happy as you would for a friend, sister, partner or parent. 

Practicing self care and mastering it is something that takes time. We aren’t taught to put ourselves first, so sometimes we get lost in altruism and find we’re living unfulfilled lives as a result. Don’t forget that while you’re loving others, you also have a mandate to love yourself. On that note, get busy gift buying and self-caring. 

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