7 Apology Gifts That Show You’re Really Sorry


Humans are complex and even the best of us can be conundrums. This can make us do things that hurt the ones we love. 

There will be times that you need to apologize for a wrongdoing and words aren’t enough. This is where the right apology gifts can come in and save the day. Many times, it can be the simplest gift that makes the biggest statement. 

Now, this isn’t to suggest you’re trying to buy your loved ones forgiveness as that would be manipulative. However, gifts can show that you’re willing to go the extra mile to right a wrong. The trick is to get the right apology gift and one that aligns with your loved one’s apology language. If you keep reading, we’ll explain the 5 apology languages and give you ideas for the best presents to say sorry and get you out of the dog house. 

The 5 Apology Languages 

When it comes to apologizing, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. If you raised your voice at your spouse and she values an apology that shows you’re taking responsibility for your wrongdoings, just leaving a perfume on the dresser may not be the answer. 

Here are the Five Languages of Apology according to Gary Chapman. 

  1. Request Forgiveness: This apology language is about asking your partner for forgiveness and giving them the choice to decide if they want to forgive you. 
  2. Genuinely Repent: A good phrase to describe this apology is “actions speak louder than words”. Genuinely repenting means not only genuinely saying sorry but also expressing a desire to change the offensive behavior. 
  3. Express Regret: People who want to hear you express regret want to know you feel guilt and shame for the thing you did wrong. Essentially, you’re taking full responsibility for the emotional pain you’ve caused. 
  4. Make Restitution: Knowing your partner’s love language will make this apology effective as they want to know you still care about and love them.
  5. Accept Responsibility: Have you ever heard a but right after an apology? Well, that’s the worst way to apologize to someone whose language is you accepting responsibility. They need to know that you’re acknowledging and admitting to the wrong you’ve done. 

Gift Ideas 

Now that you know the five love languages, here are seven gifts you can buy to say I'm sorry. Download our free gift guide if you want other creative ideas. 

Teddy Bear 


If the person who you’ve upset has a soft side, then a teddy bear could be a perfect way to melt the ice. Amazon sells adorable “sorry I’m such an idiot” teddy bears which are bound to make your love one laugh. This is also an ideal gift if their apology language is expressing regret. The words on the bear show that you’re owning your mistakes and feel remorseful for whatever it is you did. 

Etsy is another good destination for such bears. They have both standard messages and ones that are customizable. 



Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but those who do may be won over by a cake. The good thing about cake is it can be tailored to their taste and you can make it as decorative as you need to. Consider minor details like the color and design. For instance, if they have a favorite flower, you can have it included in the design. Just be careful not to get the wrong flavor––remember, you’re treading on thin ice here. The cake in the image is an example of an apology that takes responsibility. You’re saying exactly what you’re sorry for and there isn't a single ‘but’ in sight. 

Personalized Gift


Personalized gifts can be an incredible way to say that you’re sorry. Not only do they show you want to make amends, but it’s a chance to show off what you know about them, too. This can be a good gift to make restitution and express just how much you love them. You’re able to verbally express you’re sorry and that you still love them. You can order a customizable poem from our store which will definitely break the ice. Because the poem is bespoke, we’ll be sure to help you say EXACTLY what you’re trying to express in the most loving way. 


Another sentimental presents to say sorry is a pendant. This is a thoughtful gift that is symbolistic and memorable. If, for instance, your best friend is mad at you, get a pendant that has something meaningful on it. Pendants can also be engraved if you want to go the extra mile to include a lasting message. Another option is to get a pendant 

If it’s within your budget, Zales does personalized pendants for anywhere between $75-$200. If you’re on a  tight budget, consider an Etsy seller instead. 

Coupon Book 


This is a great idea for those who want more action than talk. Think about buying or creating a coupon book for your loved one. Leave them black, if possible, so they can decide what free services they want from you. For example, you could let them request breakfast in bed, a massage, or a car wash. It’s entirely up to them to request services from you that will make them happy. 

A Plant 


Major mistakes sometimes require thoughtful gestures. If you need a clean slate, buying a plant may be the way to express this. The kalanchoe plant, for example, represents endurance and love. The orchid is another good example as it represents love and strength. To express your regret in the apology language they understand, get a card to accompany the plant. 

For those who are more traditional and would appreciate flowers, try tulips as they represent new beginnings, peace, and forgiveness. Daffodils also symbolize rebirth 

Edible Arrangements 


If all else fails––try edible arrangements. There are visually appealing and kind to the taste buds, so they might do the trick. You can include a short message just to make it more personal. 

Nobody is perfect, so there will always be times when you have to say sorry. Learning how to perfect the art of apologizing is a way tp sustain healthy relationships. 

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