7 Special Gift Ideas For Men 

What was the last gift you bought for a man in your life? Raise your hand if it was cologne or a shaving set. Now, continue reading because this article is for you. 

It’s easy to stereotype men--especially when it comes to gift buying. The assumption is that men want practical or techy gifts, and maybe this is true to some extent. While stereotyping isn’t always a bad thing, it can lead to you buying the same gifts all the time. And what does that mean? Suddenly he has 500 ties, 10,000 pairs of socks and could start a business selling briefs because he has so many. 

So, what’s my point? Let’s be a little more creative when buying gifts for men. Of course you want to get them something useful, but you also want it to be special. To do this, you have to know what makes them melt. Knowing the little and big things that make the men in your life happy is a great place to start. From there you can begin coming up with special gift ideas, be it a practical item or unforgettable experience. 

You may be thinking about a gift you can give a man in your life be it for a birthday, anniversary or just because. Whether you need something for your partner, brother, dad, or friend, here are 7 special gift ideas for men worth considering. 

A Subscription 

Netflix special gift ideas

These days, subscriptions have become increasingly popular, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a way of giving someone you love an unlimited supply of what they love, so that’s perfect, right? The trick, however, is getting them the right subscription. That’s where paying close attention to their daily habits and interests comes in. 

What are they doing when they light up and are full of joy? Are they reading a newspaper? Eating chocolate? Buying whiskey? 

Here are a few examples of subscriptions that are special gift ideas for men. 

Etc. etc. etc….you get the point! You can get a subscription for just about anything these days. 

A Luxury Item

rolex special gift ideas

Some men are straight up boujee, so buying them gifts can be expensive. But this is where all the bargain hunters swoop in to save the day and your pockets. The good news is if you’re looking for luxury, special gift ideas for men, you can get a luxury gift on a budget-ish from these websites. 

A Written Gift 

Love on a Canvas Special Gift Ideas

Buying a luxury gift for someone who doesn't know the difference between Cartier and Balenciaga may not get you the response you want. However, if they like sentimental gifts, then you could get a heartwarming reaction from them. Despite what people think, there are some men that like sentimental gifts just as much as women. And that’s because being a sentimental person has little to do with gender. 

This category of men could greatly appreciate a written gift that expresses how much you care for and appreciate them. This is especially ideal for men whose love language is words of affirmation. 

If you want more sentimental gift ideas, download our free gift guide. 

A Collection 

Record collection special gift ideas

If the man you’re trying to get a gift for is a fanatic, perhaps get him a collection. If you get him the right one, he might cherish it forever. Look for collectibles that align with his obsessions. The hard work may be finding items for the collection, especially if it’s something niche, quirky, or vintage. If they have a collection already, see if you can find a new addition. Here are a few examples of collections. 

  • For the art lover… art collection
  • For the booze lover...wine collection
  • For the music lover...record collection
  • For the traveler...map collection
  • For the sports lover..jersey/card collection

If you’re anything like me, you want to get a gift that you’re excited about giving and the man in your life is excited to receive.

Adventure Experience 

adventure special gift ideas

We all probably know a man who should trade in his daytime job to become a stunt devil. If they aren’t jumping out of planes, they’re on Facebook live swimming with alligators. Such people would probably appreciate an adventurous experience as a gift. Not only will they get the adrenaline rush they so often crave, but they get an experience that will remain with them forever. 

DIY Gift 

Jasmin Schreiber special gift ideas

Some men like anything that takes thought and effort. If you’re on a budget, make a DIY gift. It’s a chance to put your heart and soul into your gift as well as make it super personalized. You may wonder what the best DIY gift for a guy is. There are plenty, but I'll just give you five ideas to start with. 

Hobby Gift 

alan bishop special  gift ideas fishing

Not everyone has obvious hobbies, so this gift idea probably wouldn’t work if the man you have in mind doesn’t. Buying a hobby-centered gift shows you pay attention to and support the things they enjoy doing. You may not have an interest in their hobby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to keep the fire burning. If their hobby turns them into the next sensation, they’ll have you to thank for it.

Here are a few examples of hobby-based gifts that could make well thought-through gifts. 

We have come to the end of the road, my lovelies. Hopefully, I've saved you some time and you can use at least one of these special gift ideas for men. If you found it remotely useful, share it with someone who may find it timesaving and useful too !

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