39 Unique Love Language Gifts

love language gifts


Gift buying can be a stressful affair for the average person. Between managing a career, family, and other mundane responsibilities, where is the time to look for the perfect gift? While you don’t have time to leaf through millions of websites or check Amazon for the perfect gift, you also don’t want to buy a loved one something they’ll end up half smiling about and regifting. 

You can make your job easier by focusing on buying love language gifts. However, to do that you’ve got to understand the love language of the person you’re buying the gift for.

I won’t assume that everyone knows what a love language is. If you don’t, I'll give you an overview before diving into unforgettable love language gifts. These are gift ideas for men and women--they aren’t gender specific. 

What is a Love Language? 

So, if you’re one of those people who has no clue what a love language is, it’s a theory founded by Gary Chapman about how to express and experience love. Love languages are essentially based on the idea that everyone receives and gives love differently. 

There are five love languages which include: 

  • words of affirmation
  • acts of service
  • physical touch
  • quality time
  • receiving gifts 

These love languages apply not only to romantic interests or spouses. It could apply to your child, brother, teacher, colleague, and just about any other human with a pulse. For this post, the focus is on how people receive love and how understanding this will help you get better at buying gifts. What if you don’t know their love language? I wouldn't assume or guess it. I’d just ask!

Words of Affirmation 

Love Language Gifts Love on a Canvas

The first love language we’ll cover is words of affirmation, which is pretty self-explanatory. People who feel the most loved when they receive words of affirmation usually feel like they’ll explode with love when they’re admonished with words. For instance, this kind of person may like to be praised for their efforts and told how much you care. Talk isn’t cheap to a person who loves words of affirmation because they want to hear how much you love and care for them. If you want to get a gift for someone who loves words of affirmation, prepare to pour your heart out. 

Love language gifts that fall under the words of affirmation category are:

  • Personalized canvas poem 
  • Handwritten letter 
  • A book of love quotes 
  • Personalized picture frame 
  • Why I love you journal with letters 

Acts of Service 

love language gifts breakfast in bed

Have you ever met someone who lights up when you lend a helping hand? It could be simple gestures like offering to help them carry their groceries or running an errand for them that evoke this response. Said people feel loved when you go out of your way to make them feel loved, seen, and cared for. So how do you buy such a person a tangible gift? You will have to get a little creative but there are plenty of love language gifts you can explore. 

  • DIY coupons with services/gestures you’ll deliver 
  • Monthly cleaning service subscription 
  • Breakfast in bed 
  • Monthly food delivery services 
  • Pay a bill for them 
  • Pay for a  laundry/dry cleaning service
  • Cook them a meal 
  • Help them with an important project  

Receiving Gifts 

love language gifts love on a canvas

If you think about it, not everyone is over the moon when they receive a gift. There are some people that can be moved to tears just by receiving a gift. This is probably their love language, so getting them anything thoughtful might be appreciated and noticed. To make the gift special, however, think about their interests before getting something. It shows you pay attention to the things that matter to them. 

If you’re getting an apology gift, don’t forget to consider their apology language. For instance, if their apology language is expressing regret, they may want to know why you’re sorry. A card or canvas could be better than a bottle of perfume in this scenario.  

  • Gift card for their favorite store
  • An item that helps them engage in their hobby 
  • Something in their favorite color 
  • A gadget they haven't shut up about 
  • A personalized item 
  • A subscription for an item they love i.e. flowers, jewelry, snacks, books 

Quality Time 

love language gifts

Not everyone enjoys spending time with their loved ones regularly. However, if you know someone who enjoys quality time, you may have to get used to it. This may be the easiest person to gift as all they really want is your company and undivided attention. That means phones away, no multitasking, and all eyes and ears focused on them. If you’re wondering how to turn quality time into a gift, don’t worry--we will not leave you hanging. With each of these ideas, you can make them an invitation or surprise them to make it even more special. 

  • A night out for dinner 
  • A mini vacation or staycation 
  • Indoor or outdoor movie night 
  • Camping trip 
  • Shopping date 
  • Plan a hike 
  • Road trip to a new city 
  • Go and get their favorite drinks at a bar 
  • Take a class together 
  • Watch their favorite classic movies with them

Physical Touch 

love language gifts

The physical touch love language doesn’t mean you have to touch them continuously. It could be a simple touch on the shoulder while talking, holding their hand, rubbing their back, or stroking their hair. They want you to lay on the affection and show just how special they are through touch. Seeing as a hug isn’t exactly a gift, we’ll give you a few love language gift ideas below.

  • Give them a massage or pay for a professional one 
  • Schedule a cuddling date 
  • Take them out for a night of dancing 
  • Have a romantic night in 
  • Take them on a date and focus on public displays of affection 

As you can see, having a good understanding of love languages can make buying gifts for the people in your life easier. It doesn't mean that choosing one gift will be a walk in the park, but at least you can narrow the list down and have a focus. Hopefully, you’ll choose a gift that shows your loved one just how special they are and just how much their existence on the planet means to you.

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